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A Message from our President

August 15, 2021

Dear Fellow Cyclists:

I always thought drivers could see me when I rode my bike, until one day when I was merging onto a narrow, two-lane road, couldn’t see vehicles approaching and felt uneasy (OK, I was scared). I thought why couldn’t cyclists have a better way to see behind them?

Two engineers and six designs later, we finally had a product that our testers thought would work in the marketplace. Then my sister-in-law was hit by a driver reaching for his cell phone. Fortunately, she recovered and said if she had seen the car coming, she could have gotten out of the way. I knew then the need was great, and we had to pursue Cyclesight.

We have contracted for the major components and purchased parts. Some suppliers have been challenging, especially with the global supply chain issues.

But we’ve made it this far, the prototypes worked great, and we are now doing final testing and assembly to fulfill our preorders, which will soon be heading to bikes around the country. These were made using small-batch, urethane molds. But for large-scale production, we need to switch to injection molding. The tooling for the injection molding is going to cost well into six figures. This is more than my small, entrepreneurial, self-funded American company can commit to until we have the first 500 orders.

To get there, I need your help. So, here’s the deal:
• Place your order today
• Receive a $100 discount and get your Cyclesight for only $399
• Receive free shipping with your order
• Your money will be held in escrow
• When we reach 500 Cyclesight orders, we’ll order the tooling
• Your Cyclesight will be shipped from the first production batch

We anticipate we’ll have the orders we need by December 31, 2021. We should be able to begin shipping 90 days after that. If for some reason we do not achieve 500 orders by June 30, 2022, your money will be refunded.

Cyclesight will allow you to take control of your safety, which will give you peace of mind and make your rides more enjoyable.


Jeff Gindin

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