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A Message from our Founder

November 1, 2021

Dear Fellow Cyclists:

I always thought drivers could see me when I rode my bike, until one day when I was merging from a rural road onto a narrow, two-lane road. I couldn’t see vehicles approaching from the side or the rear.

Four engineers and six designs later, we finally had a product that our testers thought would work in the marketplace. Our first short run has confirmed that Cyclesight is real and Cyclesight works.  Cyclesight riders are feeling safer and having more enjoyable rides.

To go into “real” production we need to implement injection molding. Unfortunately, injection molding is very expensive and is more than my self-funded company can afford. There are two ways you can help bring Cyclesight to market:


  • Place your order today and secure one of the first production units
  • Receive a $100 discount and get your Cyclesight for only $399
  • Receive regular updates on our progress
  • Your money will be held in escrow
  • Money back promise. Satisfaction guaranteed


  • Receive regular updates on our progress
  • Gain access to news and information on cycling safety
  • Get early insight when it’s time to place your order

When we reach 500 Cyclesight orders/reservations, we’ll order the tooling and begin production.

Join us on this cycling safety journey.


Jeff Gindin

PS If you’re just not ready to commit even one dollar, but are interested in Cyclesight and want to follow our progress, you can subscribe to our newsletter.