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Available in Black or your choice of color for an additional $20
(Grey, Dark Blue, Red, or Purple)
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Whether we commute to work or ride recreationally (or both): What do we need? The fancy term is “situational awareness” but it just means being able to see all around without head movement. That’s why we say don’t be a “Bobblehead”.

Looking back means we are not looking forward which is exactly when we hit a pothole. Even fighter pilots have a mechanism for seeing what’s behind them – why can’t cyclists?

As we developed the idea for Cyclesight, we kept reading about instances of where the police simply didn’t – almost ever – believe cyclists. Even worse, of course, were situations where the cyclist was killed as a result of the crash. The only way to solve this, of course, was to have a recording.

There isn’t a product currently available that has both visual feedback (i.e. an LCD screen) AND provides a recording.

“We’ve got your back”