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We would love to have investor(s) who have a passion for:

  • Cycling Experience¬†
  • Cyclesight Product
  • Improving Cycling Safety

What we need:

  • Cycling Industry Knowledge
  • Cycling Distribution Channel Knowledge
  • Cycling Accessory Marketing

Who will use Cyclesight?

  • Commuters
  • Recreational Cyclists
  • Joint ventures (e.g. Pedigo)

Research, research and more research:

  • Market potential verified and
  • Financial viability confirmed and
  • Testing done by real-world cyclists and
  • Bike store owners and managers are reviewing and
  • Survey highlight: 17% would buy at $199 price point

This research shows that there is a proven demand. Therefore, Cyclesight is a prime investment opportunity.

Design Considerations

  • Fit onto nearly all bicycles and
  • Provide cyclists time to react to dangerous situations and
  • Capture and record traffic approaching from the rear and
  • Minimize vulnerability to theft and
  • Give cyclists as well as their relatives and friends peace of mind

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