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About Cycling Designs

About Cycling Designs LLC

Cycling Designs has created Cyclesight to increase a cyclist’s vision by using advanced technology.


  • 17.1 million bikes are purchased yearly from independent bike stores
  • Commuting by bike has increased by 46% from 2000 to 2016
  • In New York City 450,000 people rise a bike 5 or more days / week

COMPETITION:  The primary competitive product displays lights when a vehicle is approaching from the rear. At this time, there is no other product that provides an actual image.

OUR PLAN- Year #1

  • Engage limited number of bike stores to obtain feedback, product priorities and commitment
  • Use social media and VeloNews to engage with early adopters

OUR PLAN – Years #2 & 3:

  • Add the 36% of commuting cyclists who also ride on weekends
  • Expand the bike store campaign to a nationwide
  • Enlist sales reps to enhance the penetration

DEFINED: Exit strategy  ** Follow on products ** Potential Partners


  • Market Research: Three professional research organizations have reviewed the market potential and the financial viability.
  • Design & Engineering: Certified engineers have been engaged to design the product from the initial stages through development.
  • Marketing: A marketing company has been hired to develop a specific year by year plan to penetrate the market.

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