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Cycling Designs, LLC

Emergency rooms treat 500,000+ injured cyclist every year.

More people want to ride a bicycle but:

  • 500,000 injured cyclists visit the hospital ER each year
  • 1,000 cyclists die in auto / bicyclist accidents each year
  • 96% of cycling commuters fear getting hit from behind

How is this going to get better?

  • 73% of bike/car accidents occur when a car hits the cyclist from behind
  • The number of  cyclists – both recreational & commuters – is increasing
  • Vehicular traffic is increasing
  • Without a witness the auto driver can deny culpability

Cycling Designs LLC has created Cyclesight so the cyclist can see ahead and behind at the same time without dangerous head movement. Cyclists will now have time to react. And, now there will be a recording to help resolve disputes! Thanks to Cyclesight.

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