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Emergency rooms treat 500,000+ injured cyclist every year.

Growth in commuter and recreational cycling has expanded in recent years resulting in an astonishing 500,000 cycling injuries treated in hospitals per year. Fatalities are increasing and now exceed 1,000 cyclists per year. The cost of injuries and deaths is now nearly $4 billion yearly.

This major problem has yet to be successfully addressed in the marketplace and in the meantime, lives are being lost. And, commuting by bicycle and recreational cycling are increasing.

Introducing CycleSight

CycleSight is a patented solution that integrates seamlessly into nearly any helmet and allows cyclists to see ahead and behind at the same time without head movement. This simple to use cycling accessory is expected to provide cyclists the time needed to avoid being hit from behind.

CycleSight records all approaching traffic from the rear by way of a removable SD card. This will enable the cyclist who does get hit to have proof of how the accident happened.

40% of car cycling accidents occur with the car hitting the bike from behind and over 70% of vehicle-cyclist accidents happen away from intersections and cameras. CycleSight aims to reduce the stress felt by the cyclist and their families, while providing a safer cycling experience.

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